A Rant, Laying Low and Simplicity


Training day 7 was well, frustrating. Not frustrating in the way I didn’t take something from the workout, or feel challenged, but frustrating in the way that my trainer doesn’t share my love of running. Why is that frustrating? Well a year ago it didn’t matter. I ran on my own and my goal was to simply get stronger, which he undoubtedly has helped me to accomplish. However, my goal(s) have been met or have changed in the past year. His style of training has not.  Perhaps one aspect of me feeling frustrated is I am not your “typical client”. I know this, he reminds me of this. Again. And again. And that f-ing bothers me. So I eat healthy and exercise for no other reason than to be healthy and I thoroughly love doing both. It’s how I was raised. I don’t know anything different. It’s why I have fought so hard to get back to pre-heart stuff. By why should any of that matter when it comes to his job? Honestly he doesn’t have to share my love of running, but maybe he should know more about it than me?! I just feel like I should be able to ask him a question about running and get the same enthusiasm as I do with let’s say foam rollers or weight machines.  Yes they are pretty cool and they are beneficial in an all round sort of way for my body. But no, I will not become obsessed with weight training and bulking up is not on my to-do list. I think he noticed me frustration, and part of it had little to do with him, and more to do with a rough week. Which I did share with him. Nonetheless he did not up my weights.  He said we would reassess next time I see him. And the way I was and am still feeling about him, I may be reassessing him next time I see him.

Don’t get me wrong, he is a great trainer, but perhaps we have just outgrown one another. And with that said, my rant is officially over.


I have been sorting more feelings than clothes. I made it through my work out bottoms and part of my jeans. To be continued. I realized I have way too many clothes. As for the feelings, I have way too many of those too. I want to have things all figured out now. I know that is not possible, but it doesn’t seem to stop me from trying to figure it all out. So I have been laying low the past few days. Aside from running, enjoying the simple things helps me get out of my head.

The River

I discovered a new spot to stay cool by the river. Its quiet and simplistic. The bonus? It has a beautiful trail to run that winds around three lakes. I am excited to go back prepared to go for a run.


The baby bunnies are both absolutely little furry bundles of joy. They make me smile.


No word on the job yet. However, I did apply for another. It’s in the county jail. Not as glamorous by any means, but a step in the right direction for a future in law enforcement. Should that be the direction I am heading?  Time will tell. Meanwhile I need to get better at letting go and just waiting to see how things unfold. But that is so f-ing difficult, because, don’t you remember?  I want to have it all figured out, now.  Writing usually helps, but the past few days, not so much. I saw a 30 day blog challenge that was pretty cool! I am thinking that is a way to get me writing every day. Which in turn is just another opportunity to get out of my head.


Tomorrow we are having a Father’s Day BBQ, and I have lots of preparation and things to do. So I will be catching up with each and every one of you pretty awesome people and returning messages soon.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


10 thoughts on “A Rant, Laying Low and Simplicity

  1. I am a big believer that chaos proceeds great change, so, perhaps, these feelings of frustration with your trainer are precursors to making a positive change either with this trainer or in finding another one. I sometimes remain in relationships/situations when they are not working well for me out of a sense of loyalty and not wanting to hurt someone, but in the end, as you already know, sometimes, you have to let go to move forward. Everything will happen in its own time and for the best, and I cannot wait to see where the next part of your training and personal journey take you.


  2. I really loved this post of yours.

    May I remind you that when you change the way you have been doing, it’s inevitableyour relationships will too. And thanks for liking my post of following your own truth because that’s what I want to say to you. Just trust in that part of yourself that knows what is true and best for you. It sure isn’t always easy to do that but it gets you to your greatest and most joy-filled life. Keep going boss!

    I look forward to hearing how it all goes.


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