The One That Turned 49 into 50. And 50 Turned into A Countdown


This marks my 50th post on WordPress. I have no idea why it feels important to me. But it does. In the short time I have been here I have learned even more about myself, and I have connected with some pretty awesome people along the way. And I thank you pretty awesome people. Yes. You. Each and every one of you. Cheers. To blogging. And running. And blogging about running. And blogging about pretty awesome people stuff!

So. In honor of my 50th post, I have chosen a half marathon race. It’s neither of my prior two choices. But it doesn’t involve hills. I’m guessing that’s a good thing. Its sooner than I expected. Almost two months sooner. That scares me a little. Okay, a lot. So does that little countdown thing I added to my page. Will I be ready?! I have no idea. Then again, the question remains if I don’t just do it, will I ever be totally ready?! And the answer will most certainly always be no. So *gulp* here goes!

The Santa Rosa Half Marathon

August 25, 2013


It’s fairly close to home. Close to home means I can realistically do a practice run or two before the race. I realized on my run earlier that feels important to me. I also realized I am not trading a better pace for not stopping and snapping a photo when I see my hearts in nature. I factor that into my times already. Since my heart stuff it’s my version of a security blanket. I am not ready to let go of my security blanket. Not passing the fire department on my creek run was a huge aspect of me letting go. I am not ready to let go of more right now. Besides, the time limit to finish the race is six hours. I could walk the route in 6 hours. And that makes me feel less anxious about it becoming real. I know I won’t be the first person to finish, but I won’t be the last person to finish either. And it involves wine. Anything that involves wine is a good thing. But there is more.


The race is also an official Boston Marathon qualifying race. Not that I have my sights set on anything remotely as f-ing hardcore as qualifying for Boston right now, but it added a little extra awesome to the race. Well, except for the part when I get passed and lapped by people just oozing with Boston qualifying awesomeness. But no bother, perhaps when they pass and lap me they will splash some of that sweat oozing with awesomeness on me!? A woman can dream.


My heavens do I feel out of my element. and why does doing a 13.1 scare me more than doing Tough Mudder?! Not to mention my team is planning on doing it in a little over a month?!

So fellow runners, what is a decent finishing time for first time 13.1 rookie? What is a good one? What was your first 13.1 time? Should I just not care about my pace and keep training hard? Is running the route to “practice” prior to the race helpful? Not helpful? Please help! I need to know these things. Don’t I?!

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


26 thoughts on “The One That Turned 49 into 50. And 50 Turned into A Countdown

  1. Well done on entering the race, if it’s your first half then you should really try to enjoy the experience, soak it up, leave the times for the next one, If you try to run for a time you may end up feeling disappointed over 30 seconds, that’s not good, especially when you just ran 13.1 miles! Train to the best of your ability, rest up beforehand and see what you can do, being splashed by Boston qualifying awesomeness along the way can only help. Good luck and I love your photos


  2. Congratulations on your 50 blog posts! All I can think of is Molly Shannon saying “I like to KICK, stretch AND kick…and I’m fifty – fifty years old!” I’m an SNL fan. Anyway, what’s great is that your posts, all 50 of them are so good. I appreciate ya! Think in’ like a boss because of ya!!!!


  3. Congrats on your 50th post! There is no such thing as a “bad” time in your first half-marathon. I have a feeling you are destined for a PR in this one, 🙂 even with a few hearts along the way!


    • Thank you! 🙂
      Good to know! I don’t know about a PR, the competitive side of me wants to rock it, but honestly I just want to finish. But if I manage to get a PR out if it, well that would be plain awesomeness!


  4. I did my first half marathon with an injury, so meeting my personal time goal was not realistic – but I felt amazing when I finished knowing that I was still able to concur 13.1 miles! And I wasn’t last either! Lol. Just have fun, do your best, and it will be great!


  5. Great about the race!!! My one half maraton I set a goal and tried to beat it ( not by much), but I ended up beating my goal by 5 minutes. Anyway, I’d say a a good or great time is set by you and beat by you. Don’t know if that makes sense or not. Congrats on the great blog!!!!


    • That’s so awesome, congrats! That totally makes sense I was thinking of doing a practice run when the heat wave passes, seeing how I do and going from there. I am trying not to worry about time, but I am ever so curious!
      Thank you! 🙂


  6. “…sweat oozing with awesomeness…” I’m an instant fan. This is my first time reading your blog and I really like, and am inspired, by your writing and writing style.


  7. Just remember: your first half marathon is an instant PR. Just like everyone wants to run a sub 4 hour marathon, the golden standard for a half is sub 2 hours. For your first, still have a goal in mind, but don’t hold yourself to it too strongly. Do your best, but mainly just go out and have fun and enjoy the experience.


  8. When I first read that title, I thought maybe you were referring to your age. I’m 51. I can tell you a half marathon is a great distance. Totally doable. Incredibly satisfying. You’ll be happy with it.


  9. Sometimes blogging can seem like more of a marathon than running. 50 posts is great! No matter how you do on your first half marathon you’ll learn a lot about preparing for the next one. Good luck, happy training.


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