Gettin’ My Training On


First things first, Happy National Running Day! I woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. The solution? Hit the gym of course! My workout felt great, just difficult enough to want to quitlove it when it was over. And after my machines, 20 push-ups, 15 sit-ups, 20 burpees and a quick hot tub later, I admit I was kind of glad it was over. After stopping by the grocery store on the way home, I cleaned the house, watered my garden and headed out for my creek run.

shadow heart

The weather was perfect. But I wasn’t sure if I should take it easy, or give it everything I had to see if my pace was any better after taking a few days off. It took me about a mile to stop over thinking it get into my zone. But it was a great run. Not great in the way my pace time was better. No. It was great in the way it felt amazing. I didn’t worry about how fast or slow I was going. I sweated all my worries away and I cleared my head. It was exactly what I needed. If it takes longer to for my pace time to get better. So be it. Unless I am forced too, taking days off from running is no longer an option. I need to run. Better said, I have to run, or my mind starts running me. This evening I feel a sense of calm again . That everything will work out as it should.I know that if I continue to follow my heart, and trust the hearts I see in nature are leading me to the things I see in my dreams, that I will be okay.


My bestie sis and her boyfriend got another dog. A rescue, a 10 month old Doberman mix. ย I know everyone deals with loss differently. For me it would be a little too soon. But just because it’s not something I think I would do, doesn’t make it wrong and I hope they both are able find comfort in their new addition.

Buckaroo is at a friendโ€™s house for the night again, so I am having my ever so delicious raspberry salad and garlic bread for dinner. Followed by getting cozy with my furry family members and catching up on my guilty pleasure. The housewives shows on Bravo. Stay tuned. My next post will mark my 50th post. It kind of feels like when I finished my first 5K. Only there isn’t a t-shirt, or as many tears, post race food or my loud woo hoo (s) and far less of an endorphin rush. But you get the point.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!



6 thoughts on “Gettin’ My Training On

  1. Definitely sounds like you’re going in the right direction. Good you’ll be steady on a daily schedule so you won’t overdo it at the end so you’ll be in great shape for race day.


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