Weekend Wrap-Up in Photos

I had a nice weekend. I was a little disappointed the homeless feed was canceled on Friday. But we will do it again at the end of the month.


I went for a walk in the evening(s).

Little Blue Heart

See the little heart? It makes sense to have seen it in so many ways, but in so many ways, not so much.


Running Tootsies

Just walking! Just one more day off, my heavens am I having serious running withdrawals.


In 90+ degree weather, the place to be is either the ocean or by the pool. Buckaroo was gone to a friends. The Mr asked me if I wanted to take a drive to the ocean. It’s been a while since we have spent any time together. 20+ years I have known him. You either grow together or apart. We grew apart. We don’t/didn’t fight. We get along. I don’t understand why it doesn’t work. But that deserves a post of its own another time. I still love him, he wants to try more, I don’t know that I have any more in me left to try. Sometimes I just don’t feel he really knows me at all.


The ocean was perfectly cool and windy.


Hearts were everywhere


It was beautiful!


We discovered a secret, or at least I would like to think is a secret tunnel to somewhere amazing.

Point Arena

I simply love lighthouses. And the Point Arena Lighthouse is one of my favorites!


It was windy. We were hours from home. And a migraine decides to hit me hard. I am one unhappy little lady! As if the look on my face doesn’t show it. Thankfully the Mr knows what to do. He helped me get through the “OMG I am having a stroke” scary part of when my migraines hit so suddenly. He did offer to rent a room somewhere, but when they hit, all I want is a my dark room and my own bed. The ride home was awful, but Mr did everything he could to make it better. Its times like these I do know, he knows me better than anyone else. That he does truly love me. But like I said, another time, for another post and I don’t understand it either.


I spent the remainder of the evening with one of my furry family members at any given time. This lil guy is Fred. He was a rescue we fostered for a while, and we couldn’t begin to wonder if he would ever find a good home. So we gave him one. Last November he went missing for two weeks, and Thanksgiving Day he returned. He had been hit by a car, the vet couldn’t save his leg since based on the x-ray, he had most likely went missing the day he was hit. Poor thing, I shudder when I think about him in pain for two weeks and it rained even! But 3k later, he is my lil 3 legged miracle and stays as close to me as he can. Especially when I am not feeling well. The Mr also stayed close to make sure I was okay, and brought me water when I needed it.


Sunday was a lazy day. I was still recovering from my migraine but I did manage to get up and water my garden, eat a little something and go for a short walk.


Overall is was a nice weekend, (despite the migraine), I was able to do a little more today around the house, but I am still recovering and feeling rather fragile. Tomorrow will be better. And its back to running and 13.1 training day 4. I can’t wait. I really need to clear my head.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


14 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up in Photos

  1. This is truly one of my favorite posts of yours for so many, many reasons, as I continue to realize how very much alike we are. Whenever you are ready to talk more about the situation with Mr, just know you will have at least one person who understands more than you know. I hope the migraine is long gone and that you can hit the trails to clear your head soon. You are amazing, and always remember that!


    • Awe thank you, it’s SO complicated! It is so comforting to know I am not alone, very few people understand, including members of my family. I am not surprised as I don’t really either, but it still makes things a little difficult to talk about it.

      The migraine is nearly gone, just a nagging headache and not quite up to eating much. Hopefully tomorrow I can recharge with food and endorphins πŸ™‚


  2. I love the picture of your kitty on the quilt. I had an orange kitty once. We named him Mikey and he was my “snugglebunny” πŸ™‚ Hope you are feeling much much better!


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