Cherries, Plan B and Summer



I was pushing myself, but 13.1 training day went so, so. The gym was fine. My workout was difficult, just enough to make me not love it, until it was over. My run. Not so fine. I have hit a wall with my pace time. I can’t seem to get any faster! Even when I think I am doing better than usual, I am not. It’s been like this for over two weeks. I get so frustrated with myself when I feel like I am pushing harder, but it’s just not good enough! Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of it all is I having almost the same pace time on my creek run (cement, gravel, no hills) and my trail run (dirt, rocks, big hills). Argh. What the heck? Fellow runners, any thoughts on that?! My trainer suggested I take a week off from running. While I value his opinion, taking a week off from running is not going to happen.

I am still processing cherries. Freezing cherries. Making cherry pies. Giving cherries away to neighbors. I am so f-ing sick of cherries I wouldn’t mind not seeing any more of them until next year. And I still have lots left to do. I did try to find a recipe for canning them, but nothing really sounded good. Any suggestions?

Cherry Pie

Since my time with the law enforcement program has ended, I have been keeping my eye out for local law enforcement agencies hiring recruits. No luck. So have been I am looking at a plan B. What my plan B is, I am not quite sure. I am considering going to grad school for nursing or Social work. I applied for a job that I am qualified for with my local county. The interesting part of the job is, I would have never applied for it if I was still in the law enforcement program. It in involves helping people, its part-time and it pays more than a police officer. I am cautiously optimistic that maybe, just maybe the reason things have worked out the way they have with law enforcement is I was heading down the wrong path for me. But I am also excited! Point being. I really, really want to be hired for the county job. But again, I am cautiously optimistic, only time will tell whether the job is on the right path for me.

Today was Buckaroo’s last day of school. He’s now officially a sophomore. I am so relieved this school year is over! Last year he was bullied, so this school year I allowed him to slack a little on his studies and work out the social part of the first year of high school. There’s no other way to say it. Between the bullying last year and him finding his place socially this year. It’s been a f-ed year and a half. Now he has the social aspect of things worked out. He has a great group of friends with involved parents. And he started improving with his studies. I am able to worry a little less about him. Finally. But, allowing him to slack with his studies, resulted in him failing two classes. So he will be doing independent study summer school to make up the lost credits. Have I mentioned how much more difficult raising a teenage boy in comparison to a teenage girl?

Now that Buckaroo is out of school. Summer is officially here. I am looking forward to enjoying it a little more since I am not buried in books like I have been the past few years.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!



10 thoughts on “Cherries, Plan B and Summer

  1. Hello dear friend, I wanted to visit and thank you for nominating me for the Leibster Award, which you recreated to be truly beautiful. For now I have ceased acceptance of these awards and am working on writing a post about this choice.


  2. Wow! It sounds like your training is not just for a running marathon! Can you say ‘Life Marathon’? Could you HAVE any more burners burning? Maybe you do need to listen to your trainer – even if you take off less time than a week. If you can’t go any faster perhaps there’s something happening at this pace that you might benefit from embracing? You KNOW I mean both in running and life, right?

    I’m holding thumbs for you about the job and congrats on end of year.


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