Tootsie Tuesday

Dirty Girl Before


My very first 5K mud run with my girlies last year. It was an absolute blast, but unfortunately it was not that well-organized. They had one water station for clean-up afterwards for all the participants. We opted to stay dirty, but change into clean clothes and drove home muddy.The looks we got from people on the freeway and a pit stop on the way home were priceless. My stomach muscles were sore for three days afterwards from all the laughing I did that day. That day I learned one very long shower doesn’t even begin to get you clean after a mud run. No. It took me four very long showers. I also learned that I am much stronger than I tend to give myself credit for. We kicked some booty on that obstacle course!

Dirty Girl After


(the finish line involved insane amounts of a not soapy, but foamy foam)

Break time is over. Back to the cherries. Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


7 thoughts on “Tootsie Tuesday

  1. I have never done a mud one, but I would love to do one. There’s nothing I love more than running the trails after a good rain, as running through the puddles is my grown up version of playing in the puddles. Getting dirty always helps clear my mind, heart, and baby soul.


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