Treat Yourself Like a Hero


Think about it.

Hero’s win all the battles. Today it is time to start treating yourself like one.

One of the most undeniably amazing feelings I have experienced is the feeling of being proud of myself. Knowing that I did what I set out to do. That I didn’t stop, or give up when things got uncomfortable, or too hard. That I did what it took, to make it happen. That feeling, of being able to look myself in the mirror and say, “you made it” or “look what you have accomplished”, or even better, “you are amazing” and actually f-ing believe it.

Too often I see people who rarely feel that undeniable feeling of being proud of themselves. They unconsciously set themselves up for failure. They rely on the number on the f-ing scale to determine their worth. They rely on magazines to heart (2)determine how beautiful they are. They rely on a man. A woman. A marriage. A child. A career. To try to feel that undeniable feeling of being proud. Again. And again, they fail at feeling proud of themselves, and of falling in love with the extraordinary beauty of their authenticity.

Think about it.

Every single day we have a choice to do that thing. You know the one. The one that takes hard work. And following through on the promise we have made to ourselves. The one that takes being honest with ourselves. To get where it is we want to go. To change what is it we want to change. But in a single day we are not crossing the finish line. We are not losing all the weight. We are not getting a degree. We are not having a baby. That all takes time. But that doesn’t mean we have to be so f-ing hard on ourselves along the way. Every single day, every one of us has the opportunity to feel proud. To fall in love with our authenticity. To say to ourselves “we are amazing” and f-ing believe it.

Ask yourself this. And be honest. What are you proud of today? Have you already done it? If not, go out and do it. And after you have done it. Don’t wait till you have lost all the weight. Don’t wait until a challenging or overwhelming lifestyle change has been made. Don’t wait until all your bills are paid off. Don’t wait until you get the test results. Give yourself permission to be proud of the thing you have done today to get, where it is you want to go. To change what is it you want to change. However small, or however big that thing is. Fall in love with that thing. Fall in love with yourself.

Maybe it was going to the gym for the first time. Or the 10th time. Maybe it was simply signing up for a gym membership. Maybe it was buying a book heart (3)on healthy eating, or finishing a book on healthy eating. Maybe it was making an extra payment on your credit card bill. Maybe it was cooking dinner instead of ordering take-out. Maybe it was losing one pound. Maybe it was losing five. Maybe it was smashing the f-ing scale to pieces and taking its power of allowing a number determine your worth. Maybe it was taking a short walk. Maybe it was going for a long run. Maybe it was starting to write your book. Maybe it was writing the first three chapters. Whatever that thing is for you, when you are done, pat yourself on the back immediately. Give yourself a high-five. You got the gold star. The blue ribbon. Look in the mirror and be proud of what you did today. Look in the mirror and say “I am amazing” and f-ing believe it.

Think about it.

Very few of us will ever transform ourselves into a Victoria’s Secret model look-alike. Very few of us will ever live up to societies expectations of what the perfect weight, or figure is. No. We have to be conscious of what we rely on that makes us feel proud of ourselves. We have to be kind. Not just to others, but to ourselves. We have to allow ourselves to be proud of what we did today, not wait until we get where we are going, or change what it is we want to change. Because guess what?! We deserve it. We deserve a toast with champagne. The standing ovation. Why? If we are conscious of what we rely on that makes us feel proud of ourselves, we most certainly will fail at some point. Yes. But we will know that we did not set ourselves up for failure. And we will not stop when we fail. No. That is not failure. It is only a setback. And we will keep going. Knowing that we have what it takes.

Think about it.

Whatever it is you want to do. Whatever it is you want to change. Be conscious. Don’t rely on anything or anyone to make you feel proud of yourself. Every day, fall in love with your authenticity. Fall in love with yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself when your progress feels stagnate. It only feels stagnate, you are not where you started. So it’s still progress. Remember, there is no one person more beautiful than you. And there is no one person more beautiful than me. Our differences in every last detail of our bodies and our mind are precisely what make us both so f-ing beautiful. We decide our own worth. We have the choice to be proud of ourselves every single day. We can fall in love with ourselves and our authenticity every single day. A little more. For me this is something I work on every day. Some days are better than others. But I will not give up. Today I am proud of what I did. I love myself just a little more than I did yesterday. But I didn’t get here in a single day. Its taken time. I have failed. Again. And again. But I have faith I am running in the right direction. I truly believe the hearts I see along the way are my guide. So ask yourself this. Do you feel proud of yourself today? Have you already started feeling proud of yourself every day? Are you falling in love with your authenticity? If not, what are you waiting for? Its time to win your battle. And it’s time to start treating yourself like a hero.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!



10 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Like a Hero

  1. This post is very empowering. Thank you for your thoughts. Sometimes I think I feel so alone in my quest to be authentic to myself, especially when others point out things in me that are “me” but condemn that quality as a bad thing, not as a good intention as I feel it is. I try to use the mirror analogy, whatever is shown to me is not my reality but the persons that is interacting with me. I do not have to look at that if I know what is true within myself. Still, set backs if taken to heart even for a short time, can derail your authentic self if not careful to be aware that they are natural challenges every hero faces. Much love and light on your quest.


    • Thank you for your thoughts! I totally understand with regard to set backs that are taken to heart. They do have the potential to derail progress if we do not remain aware. I feel these kind of challenges are what allows us to look within ourselves and see what “our part is”. For instance is there something I said, or did, that justified what the person said or did? If we are truly honest with ourselves, we are able to evaluate the situation and either realize it truly is not about us, or perhaps we do have a part, we learn from it, and work on that piece of ourselves. Either way, when others are unkind, it can be hurtful, regardless if we truly know it has nothing to do with us! Again, thank you for your thoughts! 🙂


  2. What a great post. Very well said 🙂 someone just the other day told me I’m very hard on myself….it’s so true! I very easily and readily accept all the negative about myself. I’ve been working on changing that…


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