Time to Step it Up, Butter Cup!


My busy weekend is officially over. Bedtime before 10 pm on a Sunday? Sign me up!

Well, I managed to make it through all the family stuff without any more upheaval in the emotions department. That is a good thing. Last week was extra challenging. I am looking forward to a new week and starting to take my half marathon training a little more seriously. I feel like I have gotten a complacent lately. I am not feeling any soreness after my work-outs or my runs. Rather they feel less challenging, even on my off days. Which is a good thing. It means I need to push a little harder, maybe try some new routes and up my weights at the gym. Also I need to go buy a pair of new running shoes. *sigh* I remember less than 6 months ago when buying a new pair of running shoes was exciting! Yeah, not so much anymore. Not last week, not the one before the last, or today. Just thinking about it makes me feel anxious and sad. I have grown a usually strong emotional attachment to my current running shoes. I am not ready to let them go. But my feet keep reminding me I have been putting it off long enough. So between new running shoes and me bad-assing it up and finally clicking “submit” for my half marathon date, this week promises to be personally motivating in an odd sort of way!

Oh! Buckaroo got his phone back. He I made it 5 whole days. Turns out, him not having a phone is more of a hassle for me, than him. Thanks for that 2013. Well, I am off to cozy up with a glass of wine and listen to an audio book on my Kindle. I am certain I won’t see much past 9:30 pm. Thanks for that busy weekend! 

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


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