Cheer’s to Taking the High Road


I enjoy being busy, I don’t really know what to do with myself when I am not busy. I love my family. I enjoy spending time with most of them. But when I feel like I have to put my coat of armor on to go somewhere? Not so much. It has been a challenging week. I thought having a lazy morning with coffee in bed was a good way to start the day. Bad idea. My run this morning was a little disappointing. Good? Yes. But I should have skipped coffee in bed and headed out earlier. I didn’t have time to go as far as I wanted too. And damn it, I needed an extra boost of bad-ass to help me get through today feel better. Feel stronger. Feel less fragile. Or maybe the bad-ass is waiting for just the right moment to come around? One can only hope. For now, all I can do is hurry and get showered, throw on my coat of armor, take a ridiculous amount of deep breaths, and be grateful my tongue is already calloused from biting it so much already. Did I mention I can’t wait to get back home? I already know what PJ’s I am putting on when I do. Cozy, comforting ones. And I haven’t even left yet. But the sooner I put my armor on, the sooner I get to take it off. The sooner I am snuggled up in my cozy, comforting PJ’s with a glass of wine. Until then, cheers to taking the high road!

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


2 thoughts on “Cheer’s to Taking the High Road

  1. Hey there. Sounds like a tough one. I hope the day went better than you anticipated. About that armour, did you read my Just Be In It post? Check it out. You sound like you are being pretty hard on yourself – gave yourself a chance for coffee and then beat yourself up about it. Maybe give yourself a break with all the push, push, push? Maybe you’re doing just great? Ever considered that? I hope you already know that you are. I know when I’m being hard on myself like you sound (‘cos it sounds SOOO familiar) I need a reminder like this. May today be a gentle-with-yourself day.


    • Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words! The day was actually lovely, she left before we got there. one down, another one to go to tomorrow. I will check out that post, and yes, my heavens I can pretty hard on myself at times! Thank you again! ❤


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