Fanatabulous and Awesome Blossom Awards



I am deeply honored and ever so very grateful to be nominated for the Fanatabulous and Awesome Blossom Awards.

I was nominated by Coach Muller. A pretty awesome man with an awesome blog if I do say so! Thank you, thank you, Coach Muller for your kindness, I deeply appreciate it!

And as cool as awards can be, and as grateful as I am for people actually taking the time to read my thoughts. I will be taking the lead again from a few of my fellow blogging peeps. This idea did was not mine, but since I didn’t much like “choosing” a certain number, I felt it was the best way to recognize all my blogging peeps. So I am nominating all of you. Those that follow me, please accept it, display it on your page and know that each and every one of you, deserve it! If you want to link back to this post, great! If not, that’s great too! I am just both humbled and grateful to be a little part of your world, and you of mine. And I thank you for all, for the inspiration, motivation, kindness and warmth you bring to my day!


I managed to get out of the sometimes dreaded “about mes” part. Not by accident, I am just too excited to be almost caught up from a few days of lots of business and a little extra heaviness in my heart. If you want to know something, just ask, or maybe I have already answered it somewhere in my “I said what?! of days past. Off I go, just a little more catching up to do, and then I am off to go for a run.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


2 thoughts on “Fanatabulous and Awesome Blossom Awards

  1. I saw this last night but my comment wouldn’t come through…stupid smartphone again! Anyway, I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on these awards. This are cool! I hope you were able to catch up on everything you needed to. 🙂


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