Tootsie Tueday


I have a thing about feet. No anyone else’s feet, just mine. Not in a I love my feet sort of way, but in a take a photo of them when something is especially important. Or even scary.  So that I can remember what I felt in at that moment. This photo was taken crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on my way to Stanford Medical Center for an urgent appointment. It was the day I learned I would need surgery. It was the day I learned that being on the heart transplant list became a possibility. I remember exactly how I was feeling at that very moment. You see, I don’t need to see the look in my eyes or see whether it was a good hair day or not. I was there. And for this particular photo, that’s enough of a reminder. And also another reason and reminder, why running is about so much more than “just running” for me. 

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


2 thoughts on “Tootsie Tueday

  1. Wow. Freakin’ powerful. I just always thought you groomed your feet a lot LOL not really, jk, that is a neat way to capture a moment


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