The Run That Got Away From Me


5-11 (2)

After a very restless night I managed to drag myself out of bed before Buckaroo woke up. I threw on some clothes, splashed water on my face, grabbed a baseball hat, laced up my running shoes, jotted Buckaroo a note, and headed out. I went to a local state park, I haven’t been there in a while, and it’s peaceful, well as peaceful as it gets for a place that allows dogs. I have three Chihuahuas that together, weigh no more than 10 pounds, and a 14 ½ year old chocolate lab. None of which can keep up with my pace. So don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. I am just not a fan of the dog s*** on the trail that careless people don’t pick up.

Luckily there weren’t too many people out. I popped my ear buds in, and settled into a comfortable pace. The insecurity of being a good mother and all the rest of last night was soon forgotten. I saw hearts here and there, a broken one even. Broken HeartHow fitting. I stopped for a few moments to take in the morning beautifulness of the lake. Then, I am not really sure what happened. I remember my trusty Nike+ lady rambling about my time at mile three, I remember thinking she really needs to perk the F up, and show at best, as much enthusiasm as I was feeling for heaven’s sakes!  And then my phone rang. I ignored it. It rang again. I pulled it out to see who it was, saw the time, and realized it was almost an hour later than it should be. What the……F?!

It was Buckaroo, he was wondering where I was. And for good reason. I should be back home already! Thank heavens for Nike+; otherwise I may never have known what happened. Apparently I had been so in the zone, I ran the loop around the lake twice. That’s just over 8 ½ miles! So much for taking it easy this week. I may be paying dearly tomorrow for this one. HeartShame on me. The weirdest part is, I don’t remember anything past mile three, but I know I ran it, my body feels it, I was dripping in sweat, and Nike+ says so! With a decent pace even! Definitely boosted my courage a little to actually register for a half marathon. I’ve already started putting the training miles in, but registering makes it real. And that freaks me the F out. Needless to say, amnesia running has never happened to me. I am grateful I wasn’t running on my mountain trail; I may have ended up in another county!

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house. And Buckaroo helped me plant the garden. He’s awfully quiet today. He only asked for his phone back once. I said no. He is already forgiven by me, but he has yet to apologize to me. We will see how long that takes. He knows better.

Well, I am off to soak in a hot epsom salt/lavender bath, then dinner, a movie, and bed. I have to be up super early in the morning, I am hosting Mother’s Day. We are BBQing and I have all kinds of cooking/baking left to do. It’s been an interesting, but great day. The kind of day I can breathe a little easier, give myself a break and remind myself last night is just one of many times I have and will feel a little broken. And I am okay with that. I love being a mother.

Below is just a glimpse of Buckaroo and I’s planting today. We also  planted tomatoes, more herbs, parsley and more! I am looking so forward to fresh salsa, homemade pesto,  roasted summer squash, fresh veggies,  yumminess!


Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


2 thoughts on “The Run That Got Away From Me

  1. Your post gave me the exact feeling of the chaotic-ness of your day and the quiet stillness and inner focus of being in the zone and for a moment i got to be there with you in the outdoors, breathing hard, feeling my blood pumping through my body and just BE-ing. Thank you so much. From one mom to another, boy do I need such moments. I hope your mother’s day was a good one.


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