Off My Game


I am waving my little white flag. I surrender. I give in to being forced to rest. I give in to allowing my back to heal, at its own pace, not mine. The garden will still be there. Waiting, almost ready to be planted.  The rest of the literally back bending tasks on my to-do list will have to wait too. I may go for a walk instead of a run today at some point. I ache just a little more today, from yesterday. But any activity I believe counts as something towards moving forward. Or at least that’s what I am telling myself to rationalize not being able to do what I really want to do.

Rain is on the way. Or at least it’s been trying. After a week of 90+ degree weather, it’s a little weird for it to be so cold the last couple days. Mother Nature seems to be a little off her game too. Nevertheless it makes my plan for staying cozy in my pajamas most of the day, a little more bearable. Or rather, I don’t feel as guilty about it.  Also Buckaroo is home from school, he says he’s not feeling well.  But with no fever, runny nose or coughing, I think he just needs a day off from the overwhelming pressures of being a freshman in high school. And I am okay with that. So we are having a day of rest together. A rare treat. Maybe being off my game isn’t so bad after all  Look out Instant Netflix here we come!

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


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