We are all Made of the Same Stuff


Great people don’t turn into great people just by accident. We are all made of the same stuff. The stuff that has what it takes to change anything we decide to. The great things don’t happen at a crossroads. Nor do great people wait for the right moment. Or for the wind to be just right. No, great people set a course; they own the consequences and set sail into uncharted waters. Change isn’t easy. And, it’s not supposed to be. Sometimes it happens slowly. Unconsciously. Mindlessly. And then we get used the change. Sometimes change is not so kind. It happens in a moment. One moment the person we loved was there. And the next, they are gone. Given their angel wings too soon. And in that moment, we are forced to change. And accept we will never see them again. We tolerate those moments of change. Until one day we have found a new normal. A new normal where we can find comfort.


To change something about ourselves, means making a choice to do what it is we want to change. It’s different for each one of us, or maybe it’s similar. But we all have to set sail on uncharted waters. It takes courage, the willingness to do what is difficult or even what we perceive as impossible. We cannot expect to unconsciously, comfortably, mindlessly slowly change. No. To change. To do anything great. We have to be great. In how we think, in what we do, and in our lives. We can’t expect greatness to just happen. No. This is real life. To change we must have the mindset. The determination. The discipline. The work ethic. Of a runner.

Runners know they must work through the pain. They don’t stop when their legs get tired. They train at their edge. They sweat. They cry. They compete against their own times. They compete against others times. They believe in themselves. Runners know there will be days when they are off their game. But they run anyways. They know that no matter what, come tomorrow, they will run again. And better. They know that focus, training and determination become greatness. That greatness isn’t a destination. Greatness is only a water station on a magnificent journey. That will never end. If you want to be a runner, you have to do the work. You’ve got to want to run, more than any instant gratification of food, drink, or love. But it doesn’t stop there. Once you become a runner. There won’t be any confetti falling. No parade. No one bowing, or kissing your feet. No. You still have to train. You still have to run. To be faster. To be better. And you’ve got to be willing to show up, every damn day. Give it all you’ve got. Push past your limits. Tell the voice in your head to shut the  F up. And push your muscles harder.

Because there will be a time running isn’t just about running anymore. There is a race to run. A race to have ran. You will get the medal. Or t-shirt. Or both. Maybe even a standing ovation. Or an outfit three or five sizes smaller. Free of past hurts that affect your current relationships. Or whatever it is you want to see at the finish line. You decide. And perhaps the most satisfying life changing moment will wrap its arms around you. You didn’t do it for anyone. But yourself. You have arrived. To be faster. To be better. To be the change you wanted for yourself. So set a course. Prepare for uncharted waters. And leave for your greatness. I have already left for mine. But I will meet you there.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!




12 thoughts on “We are all Made of the Same Stuff

  1. Woooooo—hoooo! Somebody’s running some church all up in here! I LOVE this post! Wow. I don’t run anymore but girl you made me remember what that felt like, that personal endurance and drive to freakin do it. 🙂


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