The One Where Life Had Other Plans For Me


I did some work in the back yard yesterday.  I started preparing the boxes for planting by moving lots of dirt and cutting back the butterfly bushes. Nevertheless, apparently I must have lifted the wheel barrel or something very wrong because I hurt my lower back! My recovery shouldn’t be too bad, and the doc recommended not being sedentary, rather go for a run if it feels okay, just no heavy lifting or lots of bending over. I will be seeing my primary this week for a follow-up though and possibly an MRI. *sigh*

So what was supposed to be a 10K mud fun-filled race day, ended up being cold, in my cozy bed with an ice pack  a bit loopy from the pain meds, remote in hand day.

After getting over the initial are you f-ing kidding me aspect of things I do know things don’t always go as I planned. What I find interesting is I have been having mixed feelings about the race all week and life took care of things. Kind of gives me chills when I really think about it.

The good news is I had some time to look at half marathon venues and I have narrowed it down to two places!

Option #1

Healdsburg Half Marathon 

This one is fairly close, so I wouldn’t stay overnight.

Option #2

Big Sur Half Marathon

This one is not very close, which means I could make a weekend out of it. I leaning towards this one 🙂

I also downloaded a training app. Seems doable enough! I am excited to actually decide which one, register and get to training! My heavens do I feel out my element, but all the cool runners, you know the ones I mean, that make running look SO easy! Well, they had to start somewhere too right?! Maybe if I work hard enough I could join the club?! *wink, wink*

That’s all for now, its back to being lazy, a little grumpy from the pain, yummy tacos for dinner rest of my Sunday!

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!



2 thoughts on “The One Where Life Had Other Plans For Me

  1. Life sure has a way of surprising us. I’d read that you were having mixed feelings about that one. Glad you’re on the mend and looking to the future.


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