I Ran Into Goal-Less Today!


Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you-Marsha Norman

We all have something in our lives we want to change or do. Something that in our mind, will make us better. Something that will make us a better version of ourselves. Maybe it’s related to weight, a job or relationship, where we live, finishing/going back to school, getting married, having a child. Whatever it is, the first step in getting from here to wherever your there is, starts with the decision to change. To set a goal. To turn what you want into a reality. To get to a place that here, with ups, downs, dedication and hard work becomes what it is you want there. The change has been made. The goal has been met. You no longer want to change something, you have changed it. You no longer want to lose weight, you have lost weight. You no longer want to do it, you’re doing it. Or whatever you’re here to there was. You see where I am going with this. When you get there its invigorating. Satisfying. Tears fall easy. Happy tears. You changed. You are a better version of yourself. You’ve made it.


I am all about having goals. Long-term, short-term, any-term. They keep me motivated. They make me happy. I love challenging myself to be better, to do better. To be a better version of myself. Just shy of a year ago my long-term goals were to graduate college and to run again. Those goals manifested into being building up my endurance, running to my dreams, graduating college and going into law enforcement training program. And I’ve made it. I have graduated college, I continue to build up my endurance and run to the things I see in my dreams. And I did go into a law enforcement training program (that goal was cut short as I wrote about in a previous post).


I am grateful to have reached those goals, and continue to use hearts as my guide. But on my run this morning I realized I am following my heart, I am running to the things I see in my dreams. I do have short-term goals, but they aren’t very glamorous or exciting. At least not in comparison to the long-term goals I just arrived at, or where I am going following my heart. The short-term goals won’t go unrecognized; they involve things like going through my clothes, planting a garden, starting a quilt. Point being, they don’t have the ingredients to change me. Or bring me to my knees I can’t believe I just did that. I can’t believe I overcame that obstacle or setback.

On my run this morning I also realized why I have been feeling completely out of my element lately. I thought it was because I am getting used to having time. Then I thought maybe I was still finding my footing with the recent change. But it’s neither of those. I have been long-term goal-less

You see a goal is only something to strive for. A point to reach. A place to arrive at. A new end. What we don’t see until we arrive, is there will be something different to strive for. A new point to reach. A new place to arrive at. There needs to be a new goal. A new point to reach. Its endless if you are a person who is always wanting to be a better version of themselves. It’s overwhelming. Many people fail. I have failed. The journey is hard, it hurts. And for good reason. It’s change. It’s creating a different, better version of you.

It didn’t take me long, I set a new long-term goal. Running a half marathon in 2013. I am so excited I haven’t had time to look up when and where I will do it. Realistically, I am thinking October or November. That gives me at least 6 months to train. That’s another thing. I have no idea how to train for it. Maybe I am better than I think I am? Maybe I am worse? I need to know these things! One thing at a time. What is important is I am no longer long-term goal-less.

I have created a new point. A new place to arrive at. It will be hard, it will hurt. It will be worth every blister and drop of sweat. I see a new end. I am about to leave on another journey to create a better version of myself. I am running to my dreams. I am running to my long-term goal. Now it’s your turn. Now it’s time for you to create a point to reach. A place to arrive at. A long-term goal. Maybe you already have one. What is it? You don’t have one? Make one. You still have time! Lets share this journey I call life together.

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!



8 thoughts on “I Ran Into Goal-Less Today!

  1. Continuing to write on a regular basis through my blog is definitely a personal goal for me. It’s a labor of love and completely self-indulgent, but I need that. Seems like when I write on a regular basis I do better in everything else in life, almost as though having that outlet for creativity gives me more focus in the routines of everyday life. I used to run, but I’m too heavy now, I’d have to walk a lot for several months just to get my weight down enough to run without injury. I am excited for your endeavors.


  2. I have also set myself the goal of running a half marathon in October – It is amazing how your attitude changes and improves when you have something to focus on!


  3. Wow! So good to chance upon a blog who’s also about to run the first time a half marathon! 🙂 I love your blog! So motivating! I wish I can write like that as I usually blab nonsense haha! 🙂


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