Maybe a Pickle isn’t Just a “Pickle” Anymore

Today was a rough day in the emotions department. People can be sure be hurtful sometimes. And for what? I am sorry, I am not sorry   I won’t be treated that way. Moving on. I have mentioned before that seeing my hearts in nature when I run is something I truly believe have been guiding me to the things I see in my dreams. What I didn’t mention is I see hearts elsewhere too. They have shown up in the most random places, at the most undeniably, nothing random about it, just what I needed to see, mind-blowing times. Today was no exception.

Buckaroo and I went and helped feed the homeless dinner. I nearly had to drag him out of the house to go. Nonetheless, it was the first time I have been to this particular place. We helped feed 128 people burgers (with all the fixings) chips and brownies. Some got back in the line for seconds, and even thirds. All of them were dressed nicely. I noticed a woman close to my age with a Coach purse, and Buckaroo recognized a boy from middle school last year. He served the brownies and I served the sliced pickles. When we were cleaning up I noticed I had dropped one on the table.  A heart. Why am I not surprised?!

Pickle Heart

My sliced pickle heart

Driving home there wasn’t the usual bickering over the radio station or Buckaroo texting on his phone. In fact he didn’t even have it out. There was silence. Not an awkward silence, but a no words needed to be said silence. We shared an unspoken understanding. There isn’t a “look” to being homeless anymore. It could be us. It could be anyone we know. We got home and when we got out of the truck I told him we would go help there again next month again. “Okay Mom” he said. I am humbled and I am grateful that I could share this experience with my son. Now I am off to go for a run and I am hoping to beat the sun going down!

Until next time, always be true to yourself and think like a boss!


5 thoughts on “Maybe a Pickle isn’t Just a “Pickle” Anymore

  1. Thanks for sharing this, especially this evening, as it truly resonated with me. I understand the emotional toll of being hurt by others and by the decision to move on, as the decision to end contact with someone doesn’t bring instantaneous relief.

    For me, deer have a special meaning similar to what hearts mean to you, so, I understand where you are coming from. It is my hope that you see hearts everywhere you go, especially when you need them the most.

    Finally, I work at a day shelter for homeless men, so, experience that you and your son shared this evening meant a lot to me. You did something incredibly good for some people who need it the most, and in turn, you have been changed forever. Thank you!


    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I am grateful to learn I am not the only one that has something they see with such meaning. I used to question the relevance, but as I have seen more and more of them in the past year, I don’t know that I will ever be able to properly put into words all they have shown me.

      What a wonderful service you are doing, it warms my heart! Working in the ER I thought I had a clear understanding of the homeless in my area, but with the economy changing so much in the past three years, so have the faces. We will definitely be going back next month!


      • You are more than welcome, and I appreciate you sharing something that is near and dear to you in your blog. The fact that you can find hearts that go unnoticed by others and can put a face on people who are homeless and invisible to most says a great deal about you. Keep looking for what others turn a blind eye to!


  2. I love that you shared this experience with your son. Also the heart pickle and your observations, with such compassion. I listen for a couple different songs that have special meaning to me. Your hearts quest is cool. What a great thing to share through blogging.


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